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2.75" Ballpoint Pen Refills for Yacig LED Light Up Pen &Yacig Pen-Like Stylus, D1 size, Metal Refill

D1 Metal refills 12 pk Black and Blue ink available

  •  Black or Blue ink, 12x refills,best suitable for Yacig Brand Multi Pens.(Including Yacig AAA Battery Lighted Tip,Cell Button Lighted Tip, Rainbow Ballpoint, Pen Fan & Pen-like Stylus from Yacig Brand)

  • Size approx 2.75 in (7 cm)with the top platic plug, D1 size refill.

  • Attention: ! D1 refills measure approximately 2.6 in without the top plastic plug, Yacig Brand Multi Pens use the different types of plastic plug to compatible with the pen instructure, please keep the same plastic plug of our current one, if the plastic plug is diffent from yours,just remove it and use the D1 refills only!

  • Yacig Ballpoint Pen Refills are mainly designed for Yacig Brand Pen Replacement&Customers Service Support, but it is also compatible with D1 refills from any brand's multi-pen, giving you a greater variety to choose from.

  • We stand behind our Yacig Pen Refills, please feel free to contact us via amazon "contact us" button if you have any qustions or query for the specifications of multi pen that you want to use.